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How to be successful in Football manager 2013

What is Football Manager 2013?

Football Manager 2013 is the latest game in the series and brings some new features. Experienced users adapt quickly to changes in the annual editions of the franchise. However, the ones who are still taking their first steps into the world of the virtual management of football clubs must receive a "helping hand" to make beautiful and great career leading their team to glory.

Here, the reader will find some tips on the basics, however, fundamental FM 2013. After all, this game goes far beyond hiring the best players and put a team on the field. The game is pretty fun, though, to enjoy it to the fullest, you must have many ideas not only as a football strategy and management. So stay tuned and check out the topics below.

Starting the game: database, alloys and expectations

Starting a career in FM 2013 is a crucial step for the future of that save. In the first few screens, the user chooses the alloys and the size of the database with which you want to play. The alloys are the national championships where you want to be coaches or simply more playable players available. The database is the scope of the game in these countries, in terms of players and members of technical committees.

A game with many alloys and large database is interesting to create a vast network of prospecting. However, you need a powerful computer to handle this load. When selecting alloys, FM displays at the bottom of the screen a meter how fast will the save be created with these settings. It is important to pay attention and ride the game thinking about that, to avoid unnecessary delays and crashes.

After this selection, the user comes to the screen where you choose the team you want to train. The decision is very personal. There are those who prefer the heart team, who enjoy challenges, then chooses a small team, and who opts for European giants. Independent Team, another key step is to properly configure their expectations not to disappoint the board at the end of the season.

How to download Football manager 2013?

The franchise is supposed to be bought, but of course we don’t want you to spend money on the game when we can give it out for free. So we have release a free copy working 100% and virus verified on over 50 anti-viruses, get our Football manager 2013 Crack while it is still free and enjoy your game!